Kinnerlat 2018
Oaxaca, México

November 10 to 14

By invitation only



The 2018 edition will take place on November 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 in Oaxaca, México.

Kinnernet is an annual community-building event for changemakers, creatives, and innovators organized by Yossi Vardi, founding investor of ICQ. By breaking down the walls of traditional meetings the unconference creates conversations that yield solutions and innovation to real-world issues. The unconference aims to tap into the diverse problem solving and critical thinking skills of its participants. Inspired by Tim O’Reilly’s Foo Camp, KinnerLat is an invitation-only and self- organized symposium.

KinnerLat, a branch of Kinnernet, is a gathering of 100 carefully selected innovators. The unconference, held in a different Latin American city every year, aims to foster innovation through collaboration. By introducing attendees to the region’s social and technological advancements and creating an open platform for discussion, KinnerLat aims to find solutions to real-world problems.

Core team

​In 2016, Yossi Vardi invited a core team to create Kinnernet LATAM.

Roberto Saint-Malo

Alberto Gross

Matias de Tezanos

Janma Bardi

Juan Mora

Ana Ayau

Who is coming

We have created a unique global and diverse community of innovators who challenge conventional thinking, identify new forms of creativity, and start global conversations to foster desirable futures. Former attendees include change-makers, world-shapers, scientist, artist and passionate entrepreneurs:

Adam Melonas

Bob More

Daniel Gomez Iñiguez

Deborah Dana

Gina Diez Barroso

Isaac Lee

Jose Maria Figueres

Maria Eitel

Mariana Santos

Matias de Tezanos

Monika Bielskyte

Nicolas Ibargüen

Pierpaolo Barbieri

Sebastian Mejia

Sharon Fastlicht

Camilo Lara

Carlo Ross

Deborah Dana

Ian Uriarte

Ian Bergman

Marco Muñoz

Maria Galindo

Diana Berrios

Natalia Martos

Gil Gidron


Oaxaca, México

​Nov 10, 2018 ​​ Nov 14​, ​2018

Oaxaca is a complex yet intensely attractive city. The destination for this year’s KinnerLat is a Unesco World Heritage site, and, when it comes to history, gastronomy and indigenous culture, Oaxaca rivals anywhere in Latin American. It’s the Mexico of Zapotec and colonial legend. Life pulsates through handsome, tranquil streets, where regional flavor arises from historic hotels, crafts-person run shops, and the intentionally grungy mezcalería. Satirical street art, bohemian bars and lively street markets attest to the city’s daily life.

With the implementation of programs that incentivize entrepreneurs to build their projects and economic support to start-ups and small companies, Oaxaca is preparing itself to become a leading hub for technology in the country and the region. This is aligned with Kinnerlat’s objective of introducing attendees to a Latin American culture to learn about social, tech, and economic advancements of the regions selected.


All Day | Arrivals and registration at HQ Hotels
Oaxaca, México
06:00-08:30 | Welcome Cocktail at Boulenc
Oaxaca, México
07:00 | Breakfast at hotels
Oaxaca, México
08:30 | Transportation to La Calera
Oaxaca, México
09:00 | Welcome Remarks / Sessions Begin
Oaxaca, México
14:00 | Lunch
Oaxaca, México
15:30 | Sessions Continue
Oaxaca, México
17:00 | Transportation to San Martin Tilcajete
Oaxaca, México
18:00 | Maestro Jacobo Studio Visit
Oaxaca, México
19:00 | Evening event
Oaxaca, México
22:00 | Transportation back to hotels
Oaxaca, México
05:30 | Monte Alban Special Activity
Oaxaca, México
07:00 | Transportation to next venue & Breakfast
Oaxaca, México
09:00 | Opening Plenary + Sessions
Oaxaca, México
12:00 | Cooking Madness
Oaxaca, México
16:00 | Transportation to City Center - Activities or free time
Oaxaca, México
18:30 | Transporation to Dinner
Oaxaca, México
19:00 | Dinner Experience
Oaxaca, México
21:30 | Gadgethon
Oaxaca, México
22:30 | Return to hotels
Oaxaca, México
07:00 | Breakfast at hotels
Oaxaca, México
08:30 | Transportation to La Calera
Oaxaca, México
09:00 | Opening Plenary / Sessions Begin
Oaxaca, México
13:00 | Lunch
Oaxaca, México
16:00 | Closing Remarks
Oaxaca, México
16:30 | Cultural activities
Oaxaca, México
18:00 | Evening Event
Oaxaca, México
23:00 | Return to hotels
Oaxaca, México


  • Sunday.
    We’ll have a registration desk at the venue, La Calera, but make sure to do it in advance so you don’t miss any of the activities and talks.
  • Monday.
    We won’t be returning from Monte Albán to the hotels but rather heading straight to the venue, La Calera, so you’d want to bring water, a hat, comfortable wear and an extra shirt (or change of outfit) if you wish to for the day of activities.
  • Tuesday.
    We won’t be returning to hotels after the closing plenary but will head into cultural activities and closing dinner. Be prepared with layers for the evening.
  • Wednesday.
    Please check the schedule for airport pick up and drop offs and choose the one more convenient for your flight.



  • Creativity - Progressive leaders pushing for a change
  • Innovation - Unpacking new research, innovative techniques, and tech advancements.
  • Culture - We honor heritage while promoting a culture of innovation.


​KinnerLat is the equivalent of migrating birds dropping seeds in newly formed islands in the ocean: that induces new vegetation and cross pollination of ideas with the cities we visit and partner with. KinnerLat 2016 was Latin America’s first ever Kinnernet held at the historic “New World” capital of Antigua Guatemala, in Central America. The second edition of KinnerLat took place in October 2017 in the driest non-polar desert on Earth, the breathtaking setting of the high Atacama Desert in San Pedro and the Atacama Desert, in Chile.

In both occasions, KinnerLat was able to put these destinations on the map of many world leaders that were not familiar with LATAM’s social and economic development, opening the opportunity for potential business opportunities and further advancement of the region. From these events, many projects have flourished.


KinnerLat is an Unconference, which means content is principally determined by participants who are encouraged to share and present on any topic of their choosing. As at Tim O’Reilly’s famous Foo Camp, (again, at which Yossi Vardi was initially inspired to start Kinnernet), attendees fill in the program via big whiteboards. A Kinnernet is about sharing opportunities and ideas and making them larger and even more compelling. As one of our Core Champions points out, the Kinnernet Spirit is about “Making cooperation the new competition”.


An intense, stimulating few days with lots of activity! You’ll find yourself participating in endless fascinating sessions and accidental conversations – and of course hopefully leading at least one. Sheer outdoorsy fun is also assured in amazing Oaxaca and surroundings. We’ll have plenty of surprises and activities.


KinnerLat attire will be totally casual. Many activities are outdoors, including certain workshops and meals. We will provide further details on what to pack when you sign-up.


We will have a few hour-long discussions. All put forward by Participants. You may prepare an introductory slide presentation or simply start with some opening remarks before “opening it up” for conversation. Upon arrival jot down your discussion on the White Board, you won’t be able to miss it! Discussions are typically held in groups of 10-20. By the way, group discussions can be in work-out format! Perhaps you want to lead your own meditation, yoga session, or similar! Or just share slides from an amazing trip.


A format intended for a single speaker to share her/his story with the audience.


A format intended for a single speaker to share her/his story with the audience. he motto is “enlighten us, but make it quick!” Speakers get five minutes to enlighten, and entertain new ways of thinking. These are 10 min / 10-slide “Plenary” Power Point presentations to our full group – on anything that moves you and you’d like to share.


Do you have a special, magical gadget that has become indistinguishable from magic (or you think is nearly there)? Tell us about it at or better yet, show it to us during the Gadgethon Session!


Dear members, KinnerLat is a non for profit organization sponsored by private groups and dedicated to the common good.
There is a small participation fee to cover basic expenses during the event, however if you wish to contribute further to the organization, you will help us support its development and assure its financial balance. For every donation, an invoice will be sent to you. We are forever grateful!